This Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) list originated on the Official Doxa Forum. It is based on various questions and responses that have appeared in the Forum. I have updated it as new information has come to light.

Q. Where is the Doxa company website?


Q. Is there a forum for Doxa watch enthusiasts?

A. Yes. It can be found at

Q. What are the original Doxa dive watch models/names/colors?

A. SUB 200/250/300/450/500/600/750/1000

In colors:
Professional - Orange face
Divingstar - Yellow
Sharkhunter - Black
Searambler - Silver

Searaider - yellow

Special edition: 300T Seahunter with Orange face and blue-tip seconds hand

Q. Which models were mens and which were womens?

A. SUB 200 are ladies models
T-Graph 200 are mens chronographs
early SUB 250 are mens models
late SUB 250 from the eighties are unisex or small mens models
SUB 300 are mens models
SUB 450 are black mens model
SUB 500 are mens models
SUB 600 are mens models
SUB 750 are mens models
SUB 1000 were available in 2 varaiations, mens and ladies

Q. What is the Chronological progression of the SUB 300 models?

A. The first Doxa SUB 300 was introduced in 1967 and the first SUB300 in 1968. The various designs progressed as follows:-

SUB 300

SUB 300T
Doxa boat case back
Plain Doxa dial
Bezel in Meters
Bezel in Feet
US Divers dial
Synchron caseback

Q. What is the difference between the SUB300T and SUB600T Professional?

For a comparison of both watches download the comparison table here.

Q. How do I order Doxa watches?

A. Go to the Doxa website for price and availability. The current orange face DOXA is the SUB600T Professional Clive Cussler edition limited to 3000 pieces , note that the SUB 300T Professional or Seahunter are not longer available as all 2000 pieces have been sold.

Q. What is the import duty to the US on a Doxa Watch?

A. Within a few weeks of receiving your watch, you will receive a Customs bill from FedEx for approximately $35 (although at least one person received a bill for $60 and other people paid no duty at all).

Q. Can I get a replacement bracelet for my vintage Doxa?

A. Unfortunately, original bracelets are not available, however, Doxa have designed a new one in the style of the original rice bead bracelet. It is 20mm Lug to fit the vintage SUB 250/300/450/500/600/750/1000 models, and should be available in July 2004.

Q. Can I get parts (not including the bracelet) for my vintage Doxa?

A. There are almost no parts left for the vintage SUB models, hundreds of models from the seventies were sent in for refurnishment in the last years. Exception: a crown and shaft won't be a problem. However, the crown is NOT signed.

Q. What warranty is offered by Doxa on new SUBs

A. 1. DOXA guarantees to supply spare parts for at least 20 years.
2. The new DOXA SUB 600 comes with a 2 year limited warantee including shipping costs to Switzerland and back to customer in case the watch needs warranty service.

Q. Does the original SUB 300T / 600T have a screw down crown?

A. The Doxa Sub300 (no T) has a screw down crown (slim case and sailing ship on the back).
The first Doxa Sub300T�s had a screw down crown (the medium thick case and sailing ship on the back).
The first Synchron made Sub300T - Transition - (medium thick case and sailing ship on the back) also had the screw down crown.
The second generation Synchron made Doxa Sub300T�s didn�t have the screw down crown (medium thick case and synchron logo on the back).
The third generation Synchron made Doxas with the thickest case had the screw down crown.

Q. Is there a US repair facility?

A. No but very soon, if you want to repair your vintage or new Doxa, please send in your watch directly to:

attn: Service department
Rue de Zurich 23A
CH-2500 Bienne 8


Q. What movement is used in the Doxa SUB 600T?

A. The SUB 600T re-issues use the workhorse ETA 2824 movement. The details of the mechanism can be found on the movement page.

Q. Can I polish the bezel?

A. You can use a fine metal polish paste but you will risk that orange and black numerals on the bezel would fade. sell a polishing compound which is very effective for removing fine scratches.

Q. Will Doxa watches be available through dealers?

A. DOXA will continue the tradition of the past and will be selling the SUB XXX models only through diver associations and diver accessories shops etc... and of course directly through the internet. All other DOXA models (non SUB XXX) are already sold through dealers all over Europe.

Q. What is the relationship between Doxa and Jenny (pronounced Yanni) watches? Why does the fish logo for both look related?

A. Ever heard about the famous Jenny Caribbean diver's watch from the seventies, water resistant to 1000m (The first 1000 meter water resistant and patented wristwatch ever made)? - The logo shows a fish but implements the 'J' from the name Jenny as well. Now what has that to do with the DOXA SUB 300T re-issue ? � The Jenny Family are also Trademark Holder of DOXA S.A. - Mr. Jenny is DOXA S.A's CEO. JENNY (pronounced YANNI) also made the watches resold under the private labels AQUADIVE, FORTIS, JACQUES DROZ, and others. The case was revolutionary in that the movement was removed from the front.

Q. What is the relationship between Doxa and Synchron? Why do some vintage models say Synchron on the back?

A. There used to be a time when DOXA belonged together with some other watch companies to a watch holding named SYNCHRON - it was in that time when the watches manufactured carried the logo DOXA by SYNCHRON.

Q. What is the relationship between Doxa and US Divers? Why do some vintage models have a US Divers logo?

A. The US Divers Co. was the DOXA SUB 300T official distributor in the USA in the seventies. Also the Non sdecompression dive table incorporated into the Doxa SUB models was developed in co-operation with the US divers Co. Jacques Cousteau was Chairman of the Board of US Divers from 1957 until his death in 1996.

Q. How do I use the bezel?

A. The information is on the Doxa website. Bezel Instructions.

Q. Is the bezel calibrated in Feet or Meters?

A. The bezel of the re-issue SUB 300T has graduations in Meters. There are 2 major diving institutes in the world; SSI and PADI, their courses adhere to the metric system. This was the reason for DOXA to choose the metric bezels but after they received lots of inquiries regarding a SUB 300T bezel with Feet graduations, they decided that the new SUBXXX bezels will be available in Feet, as they were on the original watch.

Q. Why do some of the older models not have a T in the name? e.g. SUB 600 instead of SUB 600T.

A. The T stands for TRITIUM which is the luminous coating on the hands and dial markers. It is radioactive. The "activity" used in watchmaking is limited to a value of 25 mCi (milliCurie) which means that no radiation will pass through the glass and / or the case of the watch. Many old watches had < 25 MC on the dial which means that the activity of the luminescent material used on the dial is below the legal limit of 25 mCi. The watches produced with another compound did not have the T. Recently Doxa were informed that US and EC regulations will not allow importing watches with Tritium coating in the near future, so they are switching to Super Luminova.

Q. What is the relationship between Doxa, Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt?

A. See the Doxa website Seahunter and Doxa's visit to Dr. Cussler .

You may also like to visit the NUMA webpage

Q. How do you set up an Automatic Winder for Doxa watches?

A. The ETA 2824-2, 2892, and (2894-2 T-Graph) wind in both direction so any winder will work with them. The following link gives a database of a large number of watches and their Winding Characteristics

Q. Are there any reviews of Doxa watches?

A. As well as the reviews on this site, there is a page on the main Doxa website which gives links to various other reviews.

Q. Where can I find wallpapers of the orange face DOXA ?

A. Doxa have several Windows wallpapers of the orange face DOXA. They can be downloaded here.


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