The SUB 300 divers' watch, launched in 1967, was, as its name suggested, water-resistant to a depth of 300 meters. The official US Navy Air Dive Table for no-decompression dives was engraved on the bezel (in feet) to assist divers in managing their time and water depth during prolonged dives. There were various models manufactured until 1977 when the watch was retired from production.

I have gathered the following photos from the internet and various people who have been kind enough to send me photos from their collections, both old and re-issue models. I am especially indebted to Michael Fall at, Olly Wade, Fredrik Karlsson, Oystercult, Jerry Manak Jr., Jim Cavanaugh, Michael Wall, Thomas Pedersen, Ian Scott, John H. Weil, Russell Thompson, Leo Maloles, Rob Backstrom, JP of Canada and Steve Puma at I have also included the Ladies SUB 200T Sharkhunter, SUB 600T Divingstar and 750T Sharkhunter. They are part of the 300T heritige and the photos that Mike Joplin sent of the SUB 600T and Inge Koschnick of the 750T were just too good not to share. Another non SUB 300T which had to be included is the SUB 200 T.GRAPH Chrono. For me this is the nicest watch Doxa have ever made. Jacques Cousteau and Gene Cernan (the last man to walk on the moon) wore them, so you know they were in exalted company. Another watch in the series below is the SUB 500 Searock. Virtually nothing is known about this watch. With the release of the SUB 250 Sharkhunter (note T is not used in the name), it could be said that Doxa produced a watch that was closer in design to the original SUB 300T.

In 2003 Doxa released the Coppa Milano Sanremo. Although not designated with a SUB 300T title, no collection of Doxa pictures could be complete without a section on this amazing Chronograph.

I have added a separate section for other watches which I don't have a full series of photos for. I've also made a section for photos where I'll put other odds and ends things which don't fit in any other sections and a page for different watch / bracelet / strap combinations.

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