At the Basel Watch Fair in April 2004, Doxa introduced the new T.Graph model. This sent a feeding frenzy through the Doxa watch collecting community since the vintage orange SUB 200 T.Graph is probably the most prized of any of Doxa's vintage SUB collection. There are several pages on this site dedicated to it and a good place to start to find out more about it is here.

Initially there was limited information about the watch other than

1. Only 250 pieces will be manufactured this year

1.2. Highest grade Chronograph movement (ETA 2894-2)

1.3. Screw in pushers, vintage style hands

1.4. Shipping starts November 2004

1.5. Sales price=$3000.00, $2490.00 for DOXA SUB owners

1.6. The case is a completely new construction with 44mm diameter and 46 mm from lug to lug

1.7. Sapphire crystal will be flat

1.8. Bracelet will fit with better endpieces (Solid ?)

1.9. A second full solid steel bracelet will be added to the package

As more information became available, it was learned that the dial on the prototype is not the dial that will be on the actual release. It will have 3 sub registers as per the photos below, but it will also say 200 T.Graph. The watch will be rated to 600 meters but will be called the 200 T.Graph. The pushers for the chrono function will be screwdown and will be different from those on the prototype photos by the addition of screwed collars. These collars are what will allow the increased depth rating.

The movement for the first 250 will be the ETA 2894. This is a much more expensive movement than the Valjoux 7750. Next year Doxa will release more 200 T.Graphs. It is not certain how many will use the ETA 2894 or the Valjoux 7750. It depends on a number of things including availability of movement, perceived demand for the cheaper / more expensive models with the Valjoux movement being much cheaper than the ETA version. It is also possible that Doxa will release a version with NOS movements and these will be a more closer copy to the original twin register. This movement is hand wound. The price of the Valjoux version should be around $2,000 with a discount for returning customers. There is no information on release dates (if any) for the versions other than ETA and Valjoux.

I'll update this page as more information becomes available.

200 T.GRAPH-1
200 T.GRAPH-2
200 T.GRAPH-3
200 T.GRAPH-4


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